ARTGEM is a business consulting firm committed to helping our professional service and non-profit clients execute on their vision.  We provide strategic insights, sound management and tactical execution services for our clients.  Our clients see their vision take shape, their projects complete, their new products or services delivered and new opportunities for growth.

Analytics Consulting

ARTGEM analytics consulting delivers strategic insights to your business that are virtually impossible with traditional reporting tools and analysis techniques.  We assist our clients in identifying, creating and gathering key business data, and then we identify strategic insights that help shape their business for the future.  We specialize in survey analysis, customer segmentation, competitor analysis and donor analysis.

Social Media Consulting

ARTGEM social media consulting delivers the viral marketing power of social media to build community throughout your client base.  We partner with CZ Marketing to host, develop and support a social media community in the form of an interactive newsletter.  Our clients see their donor and client bases grow by offering a community that is integrated with their brand and provides their constituents a voice in to the organization.

Project Management Consulting

ARTGEM project management consulting delivers the satisfaction of completing projects on time.  We understand the frustration and cost associated with projects that continue to go off track or that fail to even get started.  We have over 20 years of experience in managing projects for software, professional service and non-profit clients and our iterative, business-centric methodology ensures that relevant, reachable milestones are defined and attained.  We leverage our business focus to ensure that issues are subject to business decisions, strategy and purpose. 

New Product Development Consulting

ARTGEM new product development consulting delivers your new products and services to market.  From idea to launch, we lead our clients thru the design, development, testing and launch of their new product or service. 



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